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Student Testimonials
Teaching Methodology 
Student Feedback 
"If you have the chance to take Dr. Napier, you are really lucky. She is a champion for her students. She adjusts the schedules based on how we are doing as a class. She often likes opening the class up for discussion and not only rely on lectures. She is a fun professor who cares about her students. I highly recommend taking her classes."

"The professor really loves teaching about different cultures and traveling. And she cares about her student's success."

"I loved the connection the professor created between the students and her. It gives me a better feeling that she cares about connecting with us."

"The Professor made sure they didn't do "death by PowerPoint," by providing us in class activities with group work."

"Amazing! I love the professor!"

"Her personable attitude makes her very easy to connect with while she's teaching."

"Her class is creative and innovative. I'm excited to come to class."


"I felt that Prof. Napier was enthusiastic and cared about the material being taught as well as each student in the class."

"Very caring and creative."

"She actually enjoys teaching."

"I really like the professor and how much she values our opinions and needs. She really makes the class doable and interesting!"

"The course seems fun and the professor seems motivated."

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